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Finding and Fixing Slow WordPress Database Queries

Slow SQL queries can crush your WordPress site's performance. Sometimes, slow queries are a result of poorly-formed SQL that never should have ...

Beginner’s Guide to WordPress User Roles and Permissions

WordPress comes with a user role management system which defines what a specific user can and cannot do on your website. Knowing ...

How to Add Audio Files and Create Playlists in WordPress

Do you want to add audio files to your WordPress site? As a content management system, WordPress is capable of ...

20 of the Best Free MultiPurpose WordPress Themes for 2015

Multi Purpose WordPress themes have been huge this year in WordPress, with most of the top selling themes on ThemeForest ...

12 Best WordPress Plugins to Create Image Effects

If you are building a website you cant under estimate the power of animation which gives your website visually stunning ...

8 Best Free Backup Plugins For WordPress

Here, we have come up with yet another free and useful compilation of plugins, and this time around, we are ...

8 Best Free E-commerce WordPress Plugins

The popularity of an eCommerce website increase day by day. You can simply get more benefits from your business using ...

18 Free Magazine WordPress Themes

When planning to launch an e-magazine, the first step is to look for a theme. WordPress launches new themes daily ...

20 Free WordPress Art & Photography Themes

The blog post features 20 free WordPress Art and Photography themes from the most reputable providers. Guess what we are ...

56 brilliant WordPress tutorials

WordPress is the sector's hottest publishing platforms, and it's presently estimated to energy 17.6 per cent of all internet sites. ...

How to make WordPress images responsive

WordPress is a really powerful platform. Making a responsive theme and integrating it is pretty easy once you know the ...

45 brilliant WordPress tutorials for designers

Fancy starting your own blog but don't know where to begin? Want to add something new to your existing WordPress ...

12 Best Backup Plugins for WordPress

A wordpress backup plugin creates backup for your website regularly. Such plugins help you and save you from difficult situations ...

CORP responsive WordPress theme – Free download

Everyone loves a good WordPress theme. Whether you use it straight out of the box, or as a starting point ...

The 40 best free WordPress themes

The 40 best free WordPress themes at The WordPress community is big. Really big. We're talking thousands of designers ...

35 top free WordPress themes for designers

We reveal the best free WordPress themes for creating blogs, porfolios sites and more.    

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