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Are You Missing Out On These Great Free WordPress Development Tools?

As theme and plugin developers we build up a collection of go-to tools over time which can help us create better products ...

Dual tone colour gradients for design and code

This is the repo for - A handpicked collection of beautiful colour gradients for design and code. Hopefully this little effort will ...

How to find the font you always wanted

Using What Font is you can identify the font you are looking for!

The ultimate guide to flat design

It is easy to say that 2013 has so far been the year of flat design. Even Apple, the driver ...

Application Shortcut Mapper

A visual shortcuts explorer for popular applications. This is a work in progress. More applications can be added by contributing ...

Linea: a free outline iconset featuring 160+ Icons

Linea is a free iconset, is distributed under a CCBY license, which means you can download and use the files ...

Access the world’s largest collection of icons right in Photoshop for free

Search thousands of assets, including popular icon packs, without leaving Photoshop. Drag assets into your current composition and use them in ...

10 Resources for Creating Website Color Schemes

Get a free icon and vector bundle (worth $54) just for subscribing to our weekly newsletter! Choosing the right color scheme ...

Pure css icons, with only one element

Icono is an icon pack that needs no external resources. Every tags can be an icon made with pure CSS.

The 40 Best Free WordPress Themes, Plugins and Tips For Summer 2015

WordPress is a powerful tool for building everything from a simple blog to a full-blown ecommerce website. There is a ...

35 Free Photoshop Corner Brushes

As usual we continue to collect and share free resources for designers and today we again have a great freebie ...

450+ Adobe Illustrator Patterns

The Adobe Creative Suite has to be one of the more popular design packages. Illustrator is specifically a great tool ...

40 CSS Reference Websites and Resources

If you want to design websites or modify your existing website design, then you need to have at least a ...

50 New Resources and Tools for Web Developers

In this web developer round-up we have chosen 50 recently released resources and tools that offer time-saving solutions to many ...

10 More Responsive Navigation Solutions

Last August we published our original post on responsive navigation solutions, and even after only six months that post seems ...

Tips for Captivating Photography in Web Design

Web designers are considered artists just as much as photographers and painters. It takes a lot of hard work and ...

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