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How to find the font you always wanted

Using What Font is you can identify the font you are looking for!

Dual tone colour gradients for design and code

This is the repo for - A handpicked collection of beautiful colour gradients for design and code. Hopefully this little effort will ...

The ultimate guide to flat design

It is easy to say that 2013 has so far been the year of flat design. Even Apple, the driver ...

Access the world’s largest collection of icons right in Photoshop for free

Search thousands of assets, including popular icon packs, without leaving Photoshop. Drag assets into your current composition and use them in ...

Linea: a free outline iconset featuring 160+ Icons

Linea is a free iconset, is distributed under a CCBY license, which means you can download and use the files ...

40 CSS Reference Websites and Resources

If you want to design websites or modify your existing website design, then you need to have at least a ...

450+ Adobe Illustrator Patterns

The Adobe Creative Suite has to be one of the more popular design packages. Illustrator is specifically a great tool ...

50 New Resources and Tools for Web Developers

In this web developer round-up we have chosen 50 recently released resources and tools that offer time-saving solutions to many ...

10 More Responsive Navigation Solutions

Last August we published our original post on responsive navigation solutions, and even after only six months that post seems ...

What’s new for designers, February 2012

The February edition of what’s new for web designers and developers includes new web apps, frameworks, jQuery plugins, WordPress tools, ...

CSS3-Only Tutorials and Techniques for Your Next Design

Today we are showcasing some of best tutorials and techniques that will help you create beautiful and functional designs by ...

Really Useful Resources and Tools for Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has been a trending topic for a little while now, plenty of tools have been developed around ...

Useful HTML5 Tools and Resources For Web Designers & Developers

For today’s round up, we have chosen to showcase some very useful HTML5 tools, Tutorials and other resources that will ...

How to Create an App Icon in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial, I’m developing an icon for a message/chat utility, I’m using a “postman” chicken as place to begin. ...

40 Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography

Here is another round up for all you photography lovers out there. Today, we are showcasing some of the best ...

Free Resources to Help You Build Your Next WordPress Site

WordPress is a popular website publishing platform. What once was primarily a blogging system has now evolved into a flexible ...

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