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Free & Unlimited Prototyping for Designers

Create interactive prototypes from PSDs and images in your Dropbox. No coding required.

Application Shortcut Mapper

ShortcutMapper is s visual keyboard shortcuts explorer for popular applications.

How to find the font you always wanted

Using What Font is you can identify the font you are looking for!

Test Responsive Websites with Chrome Extension Dimensions Toolkit

A super friendly Chrome Extension for designers to test responsive websites. Not a problem! You can use our awesome new Google ...

Glyphr is a free, html5 based font editor

Font design has a high barrier of entry. Professional font design programs are very complex, and quite expensive. Glyphr is ...

Polymer, a library to let you create custom HTML elements

Web Components usher in a new era of web development based on encapsulated and interoperable custom elements that extend HTML ...

Create a style guide of an existing site – Stylify Me

This tool allows the designer to research sites efficiently without the need to inspect each element, in order to be ...

Compress and optimize your images is a powerful online tool for reducing drastically the size of your images and photos whilst maintaining a high ...

TogetherJS makes it easy for users on your site collaborate in real time.

TogetherJS is a free, open source Javascript library by Mozilla that adds collaboration features and tools to your website. By ...

A Tiny Photoshop Panel to Make Guides and Grids

Griddify is tiny and fast. It helps you compose custom grid systems, vertical rhythm, and do a bunch of other ...

Create Modular Grid Easily with Modular Grid Pattern

Modular Grid Pattern is application for web designers, which helps you quickly and easily to create a modular grid in ...

Powerful Set of Free Color Tools

Get HTML color codes, Hex color codes, RGB and HSL values with our color picker, color chart and HTML color ...

A powerful little tool for managing CSS animations

CSS animations are phenomenal and offer numerous advantages over JavaScript powered animations. First, they're hardware accelerated, which sometimes hard to ...

Essential tools for every web designer

Every web designer requires the right tools to do their job. To create well crafted original designs you certainly need ...

TypeWonder, making the choice of web fonts so enjoyable!

>Helps you to test web fonts on any web site on the fly! Enter the site url and preview instantly ...

How to Add and Improve Readability Score in WordPress Posts

Want to improve the readability of your site? The easiest way to do this is by adding a readability score ...

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